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    Welcome to Modern Castings Ltd


    MCL is a modern gray and ductile iron foundry, located in Jianmen, Guangdong province, China. As one of the biggest  & modernized casting factories in Guangdong, we are a supplier of grey iron, steel and ductile iron castings, in sizes up to 60,000 kg. Our foundry utilizes up-to-date Japan medium frequency induction furnace, automated Italian production line, high quality green sand, air set and no bake molding procedures to ensure providing a wide range of grey and ductile iron castings. MCL casts all kinds of  steel castings, ductile iron castings & grey iron castings for various range of industries as well as for other foundries.

    We dedicate to produce premium quality castings which provide precise and accreted casting component for various industries including machine tools, Gears, Motors, Power Generation, Agriculture, Wind Energy and Railway.

    We Produce Cleaner Iron

    MCL produces ductile iron using the wire treatment method. Ladle treatment and post-inoculation is accomplished using two triple-path wire injection machines. The process produces a cleaner iron with metallurgical properties that exceed conventional processes for producing ductile iron.

    In addition, our ductile iron production is environmentally friendly, with all effluent from the treatment process being captured and sent to a dust collection system.

    Sand Mixers & Reclamation System

    Our chemically-bonded sand system is supported by a total of five continuous mixers, which in total are capable of mixing and discharging sand at a rate of 6,000 pounds per minute. Our on-site sand reclamation system, which can process up to 90% of reclaim sand, guarantees that sand is conditioned to ensure optimal properties when re-blended.

    GD Modern Castings Ltd

                   GD MODERN CASTINGS LTD
                           Address: Chuang Li Lai Industrial Park, Daize Town, Xinhui, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China. Postal zip:529162

          Tel: (86) 750 8269962  (86) 750 8269663  Fax:(86) 750 8269960

                E-mail: sales@mcl-cn.com